Cody’s “Han Solo” Action

July 15, 2010 | | Comments 3


It’s been extremely nice and sunny up in Northern California and Cody is looking mighty fine with that dark tan of his. After taking a stroll around the year, inhaling the lovely smell of all the wild flowers and feeling the warmth of the bright summer sun massage his body, Cody figures it’s time for a little “Han Solo” action, as he calls it, referring to his big fat cock and his hand. Oh, and his balls of course. Can’t forget about them. Anyway, the sun is hot, Cody is hot and the cum he shoots all over our stone walkway is hot.

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  1. bernaro says:

    Cody is a gifted and extra-gorgeous man. I am a fan of his and I adore him. I know I could not go near him or even have a chance of seeing him in person but everytime I see him in picture I feel alive and happy. I thank mother Nature for having the opportunity to enjoy his presence.

  2. cliff says:

    you are tremendously hot

  3. ian says:

    every day i want suck your cock