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Chaosmen: Nathan Serviced

Chaosmen - Nathan Serviced 1

Dorian is back to give a guy some proper head! Nathan did get a little nervous to start with, but Dorian works his cock smoothly to full mass in no time.

Nathan was really impressed with Dorian’s skills. His cock has a lot of give to it, so Dorian was able to suck it in all kinds of angles. Nathan even got a little verbal during the video and pretty much just kicks back watching Dorian suck his cock. The rimming def made him feel awkward. Dorian changes gear and slides under him so that Nathan can fuck his face. Nathan gets his juice back being in nice dominant position. Dorian doesn’t give up on his ass and actually gets a little more ass eating in while Nathan strokes his cock! Click here to watch full video of hot Nathan getting serviced!

Chaosmen - Nathan Serviced 2


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Straight Fraternity: Hung 23-Year-Old Drake

Straight Fraternity - Hung 23-year-old Drake 1

23-year-old Drake beats off 4 or 5 times a day and he’s been on camera before, so this audition should be a piece of cake. Drake slips out of his clothes and easily gets hard for the camera. He calmly strokes his extra-long cock and clearly is enjoying himself. Drake shoots his load all the way up on his chest! Click here to watch Drake jacking off his big dick!

Straight Fraternity - Hung 23-year-old Drake 2


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Fraternity X: Blaze and Fuck

Fraternity X - Blaze and Fuck 1

Me and my bros got stoned and just wanted to fuck. Lucky we had a bitch laying around that doesn’t mind a dick or two. We drilled that ass-puss with our cocks and rammed it so hard. Not so tight anymore Mathew. Consider your hole trashed. PEACE! Click here to watch this hot fraternity sex video!

Fraternity X - Blaze and Fuck 2


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Broke Straight Boys: Bareback Ass-Pounding

Broke Straight Boys 6

Broke Straight Boys 8

These boys are hungry for cock and cut right to the chase, stripping out of their clothes and getting started swallowing dick, slapping ass, and swapping spit as they all take their turn with each other. We’ve got two guys to one cock, two cocks for one mouth, pairs, threesomes, and at one point these guys form a cock-sucking chain with all five of these studs getting oral action at once!

But these hot boys haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…the raw, bareback ass-pounding! These guys jump from tight ass to tight ass, pumping the bottoms full of their hard pricks while those same bottoms slobber all over some other dude’s cock or obediently give a rimjob whenever a an ass gets shoved in their face. There are so many hot things going on…moans of pleasure, cries of pain as a new guy gets his ass stretched around a big cock, dick-sucking and fucking, even some cum-swapping! And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a cumslut–Damien Kyle getting covered in the white-hot jizz of four other dudes and then having those dudes lick it off of him! Click here to watch and download this hot bareback fuckfest now!

Broke Straight Boys 16

Broke Straight Boys 18

Broke Straight Boys 20

Broke Straight Boys 23

Broke Straight Boys 24


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SpunkWorthy: Former Marine Lee

Former Marine Lee

Lee is a transplant from the east coast, brought to San Diego courtesy of the Marines. After recently getting out, he decided to give a shot at porn to help make ends meet. Something he’s been thinking about for a few years. Lee likes to jerk off. A lot. I asked him where the weirdest place he’s rubbed one out.

“I can’t even think of one,” he said with a laugh. “A lot of places.”

I couldn’t wait to get Lee naked. His sexy bedroom eyes just about made me want to tear his clothes off for him. When Lee stripped out of his clothes, it took him a minute to get into his groove, but, within minutes, he warmed up to the camera like the porn star he’d dreamt of being. I don’t think bending over to show off his ass was one of the things he envisioned when he signed up, but, man, was I ever glad to get a glimpse of his tight hole. Lee flipped back over and was ready to go. As he worked himself up to the grand finale, his cock throbbed and his eyes rolled back into his head as he let out a gasp and spurted a load onto his stomach. Click here to watch and download sexy former Marine Lee’s porn debut video now!

Former Marine Lee


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All-American Heroes: 21 Gun Salute

21 Gun Salute

A collection of the hottest cumshots of the previous year is our New Year’s treat to you. More than 21 loads on display from multiple angles, and in slow motion glory. These military men are at full salute and unloading for your pleasure. We’ve captured cum-covered Marines enjoying the aftermath of a good fuck or their first gay blowjob, lifeguards with their holes puckered after a good long bang and jizz dripping from their mouths, and firefighters with their hoses erect and dripping with spunk after a long day of pounding and sucking. Watch explosion after explosion of these muscled hunks being caught on camera for the first time. Click here to watch and download All-American Heroes cumshots display now!

21 Gun Salute


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The Casting Room: Fit Masculine Stud Jamie

Fit Masculine Stud Jamie

Jaime has a really horny dark brooding look about him like a boxer ready to pounce. He’s a sporty hetero who likes watching as much dirty porn as possible. Now he’s decided to try his hand at being in the porn and TheCastingRoom is the first place he’s come to. It’s a thrill to be the first to see his incredibly toned body with his sculpted six-pack and ass like steel. He’s willing to try out man on man sex if the money is right. We bet it won’t take long to find the perfect part for this fit masculine stud. Click here to watch and download Jamie’s audition video!

Fit Masculine Stud Jamie


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